Hyperconvergence/Nutanix : Why we love it!

Hyperconvergence/Nutanix : Why we love it!

Trent: Hey there and welcome back to Techscoop proudly  brought to you by Techware. Thanks for joining us in the second installment in our three part series on Hyperconvergence, this week as promised I’ve got a partner to geek out with, Bill McRobb one of the Senior Technicians here at Techware. He was also one of the main drivers into us investigating working with Nutanix. Today I just really want to gain a better understanding into Bills decision and to help me do that I’m going to hand it over to Bill.

Bill: Hyperconvergence is quite different to a normal serve environment in that what it does is it squashes your storage into your compute environment, which you wouldn’t normally do. And also it takes away that emphasis on having to have specialists to manage those areas. That then allows software to control the storage environment but also be in control of the compute environment at the same time and have complete system awareness where as before it would be two separate systems trying to optimize, but not really know what the other was doing.

Bill: The reason I really pushed for Nutanix is because they are really the main brand behind a lot of this Hyperconvergence stuff. They do sell their software to other brands like Lenovo and Dell however if you are willing to pay the premium and get the Nutanix brand of hardware to go with it, it’s like buying a Macbook in a sense. They’re controlling both the hardware and the software, you’re going to have better time with compatibility, you actually get much better support through Nutanix, they also offer advanced proactive support so if your system does have a fault. The system will call out and say I’ve got this drive failing, they’ll send out an engineer, it’ll get fixed. You don’t have to call up or log a ticket or anything and in some cases you wouldn’t even know your drive has a fault until you walked into the server room and saw a little red light.

Trent: Thanks for that Bill, I hope you enjoyed the second part in our series on Hyperconvergence if you have a question that you’d like to discuss with either myself or Bill, feel free to leave a comment down below and one of us will get back to you. Alternatively you can jump on to www.techware.com.au and have a look for this little box, that’s me in there and you can send me a question anytime and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for watching, I hope you learnt something today. I hope you also have a fantastic week and I’ll see you soon.