NFP in Healthcare? Here’s why IT support should be a top priority

NFP in Healthcare? Here’s why IT support should be a top priority

Not-for-Profits in the healthcare sector work to support their community as best they can – often with limited resources. IT partners that share this same passion for people can unfortunately be few and far between.

In the first of two articles on digital transformation and change management for NFPs and healthcare providers, we look at how joining forces with an industry focused IT partner can help you navigate the technical and regulatory complexities of digital change, and get back to helping others.

IT challenges facing the industry

For many NFPs in the healthcare sector, there are a number of unique challenges that affect day to day operations. From smaller budgets to tighter regulatory standards, staying on top of these challenges can be a drain on valuable resources if not approached with care and proper consideration.

Here’s a closer look at what these industry specific challenges look like.

Tight budgets

Budgets for NFPs in healthcare are often much smaller than organisations operating with similar staff numbers. And considering the critical systems that exist within healthcare infrastructure, it becomes essential that these providers do whatever they can to work productively and efficiently.

Higher compliance and accountability standards

With huge amounts of personal and sensitive data being managed, healthcare NFPs need to ensure they are always compliant with evolving regulatory standards. This includes maintaining adequate system visibility, cyber security, and consistent accountability at all levels of their system infrastructure.

Staff wellbeing

For many staff in healthcare, unrealistic expectations, inefficient systems, and constant troubleshooting can lead to overstretched workers who are no longer able to provide the level of care that’s required of them. Admin should be the least of their concerns.

Effects on IT requirements

All of these industry-specific challenges eventually filter through to each organisation's IT requirements.

Embracing digital change should be a straightforward pathway to a better user experience and improved customer services, but unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. While finding the right IT partner can open the door to unrealised value, create more efficient systems, and generate greater product adoption amongst staff, for many NFP and healthcare organisations, a fear of change itself can become a potential obstacle to successful digital transformation.

Working with Managed Service Partner

When challenges are not addressed properly, organisations risk finding themselves in vulnerable positions – leaving themselves open to non-compliance, reduced productivity and increased cyber security threats. Working with an IT Managed Service Partner (MSP) is a holistic way to mitigate these risks.

Risks of not addressing these challenges

So, what are the main risks you’ll face if you don’t stay on top of your IT system challenges?

• Operating costs that continue to grow over time because systems and applications aren’t being consolidated
• Compromised data security and greater risk of digital threats because the person responsible for IT doesn’t have the skills to navigate the ever-sophisticated nature of cyber attacks
• Higher chance of system failure due to use of legacy systems and old hardware
• Inefficient or manual processes that lead to inaccuracy in reporting
• Reputational damage and the risk of reduced funding resulting from major outages, data breaches and non-compliance

As you can see, the potential outcomes from doing nothing can be significant and long-lasting. And while the pool of Managed Service Providers isn’t shallow by any means (all digital businesses need a little help from time to time), choosing one with experience in healthcare NFPs cuts down a large part of the discovery process and allows the transformation project to hit the ground running.

The Techware advantage

In a recent case study, Techware helped Victorian community health providers, Inspiro, to make the most of their existing Microsoft systems and licences to build a streamlined cloud environment.

This included stabilising their system through some small configuration changes to reduce the amount of pain for users as the long-term project continued.

With this stabilised system, Inspiro has seen vast improvements in their connectivity and performance, with significantly less tickets logged, fewer support calls made, and a greater comfort level amongst end users.

How we do it

For any NFP or healthcare organisation looking to get started and make a real digital change – just like Inspiro – there are a few steps to make it a successful transformation. And while the whole process can take anywhere from just a few weeks to a matter of years depending on each organisation's level of maturity, one thing never changes – each partnership is based on shared values and how our customers can better serve their community.

Taking the first steps towards digital transformation

No matter how big or small your IT ambitions, Techware has the team and they know how to help you get there.

After years of working alongside countless healthcare NFPs, we’ve come to understand the industry better than anyone. From your first phone call where we get to know your IT goals, through to project implementation and beyond, we’re with you during your entire digital journey.

If you’d like to kick start your NFP or healthcare digital transformation, book in for one of our complimentary 30-minute discovery calls and quickly learn how a simple IT Audit can help your business today.