Body Temperature Access Control Terminal

Body Temperature Access Control Terminal

Screen employees or visitors for a fever quickly with this no-contact access control terminal

Why do I need the Body Temperature Access Control Terminal?

While most of us are working from home, there are many, who are still required to go to work during this very difficult time. Companies are taking measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep the workplace safe by sanitizing the office and maintaining social distancing by separating office desks according to the prescribed distances. However, we can screen employees more effectively by checking their temperature before they enter the premises and reducing the risks even further.

Keeping work place safe and help fight against the spread…

Instead of assigning an employee to carry out this hazardous job and jeopardizing an employee’s health and safety, wouldn’t it be easier to have a simpler and less risky solution? Now, there is. You can follow the COVID-19 screening practices effectively with zero contact with a cutting-edge access terminal, the Body Temperature Access Control Terminal.

This automated access terminal swiftly and accurately takes each employee's temperature through digital sensors. Then, it uses facial recognition before electronically unlocking the entrance. The whole process takes around 0.3 seconds, thanks to the Body Temperature Access Control Terminal's efficient scanning technology.

This system reduces human contact and it is extremely accurate, but most importantly, it keeps your premises secure at all times. Visitors that have a temperature above the accepted threshold are barred from entering while hose under the limit can pass through with ease.

Watch the video below to see the Body Temperature Access Control Terminal in action:

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