Modern Computing: Creating solutions for a truly mobile workforce.

Modern Computing: Creating solutions for a truly mobile workforce.

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At Techware we believe in innovation and finding solutions, most recently we have been creating a system that truly embodies the term modern computing through leveraging the power of the cloud.

One of our clients came to us with a problem that required a rethinking of how traditional computing has been accomplished. This organisation is going through a time of growth and change; this cannot be impeded by their current technology. For this reason, a platform had to be created and introduced that fundamentally changes the way that we think about using computers.

Traditionally when a user signs into a computer they are bound by the software that is installed on that single machine – they are ‘tied to it’. This means when a user wants to use software on their work computer they would either have to: go into the office to sign-in to their software, or take a work computer home.

This causes two problems, both financial and logistical for an organisation. If a solution was not sought their technology would slowly creep towards obsolescence, costing masses to have it replaced organisation wide. While a single employee may prefer to use their home computer as it has their music, it’s faster and their more accustomed to using it. This wasn’t possible without a solution implemented by Techware.

Creating a truly Modern Computing solution meant that we needed to create something that we've likened to a "Honolulu Hotdesk."  Sounds good right?  Imagine that for two days a week you set up on a beach in Hawaii and are able to get all of your work done.

Arrive in Hawaii, jump on a hotel computer and you've got access to all of the software you use at work. 

It might sound a little far-fetched, but with a computer and an internet connection you are no longer bound by the hardware that you are using. This doesn't have to be as drastic as moving to Hawaii, but just think of the application in your own office; complete freedom to hotdesk at whichever seat is available with no need to provision computers with software. Modern computing creates unbridled opportunities for new exciting initiatives within your organisation. 

How we achieved this.

In partnership with our in-house Cloud Architects we created a solution for the client that enables software to be ‘tied’ to a user account, no longer the machine. A truly revolutionary idea.

It Provider Melbourne - Modern Computing Solutions

By signing in to a portal, like signing into any other web-based service (Gmail, Netflix) this enables the user to instantly access the software that has been allocated to them. This can be any software package. Do you use in-house software that is only on your work computer, a creative organisation and need access to specialised software?

The way in which this system was created we were able to allow sign-on from anywhere at anytime using any machine. We are also able to load software remotely for individual users, giving staff access to software when they need it, rather than buying unnecessary licenses and installing it on each machine – a costly exercise.

Working with a trusted and proven IT provider can enable you to unlock the door to endless opportunities within the cloud. Knowing the service that you need, a reputable IT provider can suggest software that will complete the task, or look at creating a unique platform for your organisation.